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There be monsters!!! OK, they are monsters but they lived a loooonngg time ago. However, folks are finding out new things about them all the time. Check out this show for some new dino news! That and learn how to make pepper run for it's life.

Aired 10/23/10

Science Jim Show Ep 6 from Science Jim on Vimeo.

Science Jim Show Episode 8 from Science Jim on Vimeo.

Science Jim goes batty!!!!! Since this episode was shot close to Halloween Science Jim talks about one of the coolest (and creepiest) creatures on Earth. The Bat! Also, learn to make seriously disgusting slime.

Aired Oct. 29 2010

SJS Ep 8 from Science Jim on Vimeo.

It's the end of Daylight Saving Time...what in the world is that anyway? And for that matter...what's time? Well Science Jim takes a look at that and does some science with some left over Halloween candy as well!

Aired Nov. 4 2010

SJS ep 9 from Science Jim on Vimeo.

115 years ago the x-ray machine was invented. Join Science Jim as we take a look at what x-rays are and at some weird and wacky x-rays! Also, Science Jim shows you a great trick that you can have fun with over the holidays!

Aired Nov. 11 2010

Science Jim Show Ep 10 from Science Jim on Vimeo.

It's almost Thanksgiving (at least it was when this show aired). Join Science Jim for some fun Thanksgiving myths, truths and wacky Benjamin Franklin Thanksgiving stories! Also learn how to capture lightning in a cup!

Aired Nov. 18, 2010

Science Jim Show: Holiday Gadgets #1 from Science Jim on Vimeo.

It's the holidays so Science Jim is sharing some of the wackiest, coolest, neatest science gadgets that are out there. Today's gadgets are mind control games and jet packs!!! Also, Science Jim will show you how to make your own teeny tiny hovercraft!

Aired Dec. 5 2010

Science Jim Show: What I Want for Christmas #2 from Science Jim on Vimeo.

It's December so it's time to think about giving and getting stuff! On this episode Science Jim has fun with an exoskeleton, geeky t-shirts and a magical flying fairy dancer! (Make one yourself!)

Aired Dec. 10 2010

Don't miss this 11 minute episode where Science Jim dreams of playing with water balloon in zero gravity and playing the theremin! Also, learn how to make your own "Make-Your-Grandma-Happy Gourmet Butter!"

Episode filmed 12/16/10
11 Minutes

Science Jim Show: What I Want for Christmas #3 from Science Jim on Vimeo.

Science Jim Show: Pterosaurs from Science Jim on Vimeo.

It's a bird! It's a plane! It's a...reptile?!?! Pterosaurs!  The pterror of the prehistoric skies!  In this show, Science Jim takes a look at some of the newest ideas surrounding these ancient and mysterious beasts.  Also, what do nuts and candles have in common?  Find out with this episodes "Do-it-yourself" experiment.

Episode filmed 1/9/11
11 Minutes

There are aliens right under our noses!!!  Well, they aren't aliens since they live on the same planet, and when I say "under our noses" I mean 1 to 2 miles under our noses...but they're still cool!!!  Deep under the sea, scientists are discovering new creatures and species that put any science fiction creature to shame!  Also, check out the strange and mysterious Moebius strip that Science Jim will show you how to do at home!

Episoded filmed 1/14/11
11 minutes

In this episode of the Science Jim Show, Science Jim takes a look at some of the weird, creepy, strange and gross things that live on and in you! Believe it or not, there are more life forms living on you then there are humans on planet Earth! Don't watch this one before lunch.

Episode Filmed 2/4/11
11 minutes

In this episode, Science Jim gets the chance to talk to a very special guest, Avalon Tyson, otherwise known as WanderingWhimsy on YouTube. She's 10 years old and a Jr. Frog Conservationist. In other words, she's working hard to educate folks about frogs, their plight and how to help them. Be sure to check out a great presentation by a fantastic young environmentalist.

Aired 3/1/11
10 mins

Nuclear power plants, what are they and why to we need them? Join Science Jim as we take a look at what a nuclear power plant really is.

10 mins
Filmed 3/27/11

Radiation! Ahhh! Scary, horrible, terrible! What do you mean it's in bananas?!? Yup, there's radiation in bananas, and a lot of other things too! Join Science Jim to check out some facts and some fictions about radiation.

Filmed 4/1/11
10 mins

Join Science Jim as he talks to Will Hicks an actual bee expert. We'll discuss bees, what's making them die off, why we should care and what we can do to help out.

Filmed 6/7/11
13 mins

Snotology! I interview Robert Judith who studies snot! We learn what it is, why it is, and what it does for us!

Episode Filmed 2/4/12
18 minutes

Everyone's excited about the Higgs Boson particle but what is it? Join Science Jim as he gives you the skinny on what makes things massive!

Filmed 7/4/12

7 minutes