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Are you tired of driving all over the place from class to class?  Would you love to have a high quality class right in your own home?  Would you like a teacher for your child that is not only educational but also highly entertaining?  Well, if this sounds good and you have a computer with broadband internet service, then look no further.  With real time live video, audio, whiteboard and more, Science Jim's Web-Classes are like watching TV only better.


Each class consists of 30-60 minutes of a live video web-broadcast. All you need is a Mac or PC with speakers and a broadband DSL or cable internet connection to take part in the class. There is no need to download any software. Each class will be recorded so if you miss a class, or would like to review the material, you can watch at your convenience. It's like two-way television!

Check out this free recording of one of Science Jim's Live classes.

(This is the actual quality of the recordings. Be sure to click on the "x" in the lower right hand side to go to full screen)

What is Science: Observation from Science Jim on Vimeo.

What others have to say about Science Jim's Webclasses:

"We just finished with your class. WOW is all we have to say. We truly enjoyed it."  Michelle N.

Thank YOU for the web classes.  You are providing an education for my son that I never could.   Looking forward to more. Athena B.

I was thrilled to watch my son with the concepts of gravity and friction.  He spent an hour experimenting with all his various hot wheels and ramp combinations then explained it all to his brother later that day.  It was awesome!   Cindy C.

Just want to let you know my daughter LOVED your atoms class.  She said she thought she finally found something she liked! Linda F.

I just wanted to let you know how much Samantha is enjoying the class! After every class I get to hear for the next couple days all she's learned.  My husband and I both have science backgrounds and Samantha has never experienced much interest.  So I'm enjoying watching her excitementbeing piqued!  You can definitely count her in for the next class. Renee A.

We love your classes, you have been such an inspiration to my children in ways you cannot imagine.  My son (8 years old) has become really confident in his pursuit of science, robotics and all things electronic, in large part because we have been able to take your courses for over a year now, and your awesome enthusiasm and excellent teaching style.  My daughter sees physics as simple and common as a seed planted and sprouting.  (I hope you understand my meaning).  Karen S.

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